About Club RockETS

RockÉTS is a scientific club from école de technologie supérieure with the objectives to promote space science and to develop high power rockets. Rockets that we design are sounding vessels used to acquire scientific data or transport technical payloads in altitude. Collecting date is made possible using a ground station or recording features inside the system. RockÉTS is a multidisciplinary team that gathers about thirty talented students of different engineering concentrations such as mechanical, electrical and software engineering. They design, build, launch two high power rockets which need to reach an altitude of 10 000 ft. or 25 000 ft. and to carry a payload of 10 pounds.

RockÉTS stood among other since its first participation to Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in 2013, which take place every year in Utah (USA).

Finally, in order to share our passion for space science with everyone, we take part to many activities such as International Space University (ISU), aerospace congress, Montréal Games, amateur launches and school presentations.